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Van Life, Feel at Home Wherever you go with a van Conversion.

Initiating a van conversion project may appear daunting. Autohaus Newport holds extensive expertise in all the critical aspects required for your van conversion, guaranteeing that it caters to your specific necessities. With the specialized support and direction provided by Autohaus Newport, you can craft the ideal travel partner.

Autohaus Newport is dedicated to providing superior integrated interior features for your vehicle. Our selection of accessories, which includes USB plugs, refrigerators, cookers, electric beds, and directional lighting, is meticulously designed to elevate the comfort and convenience of your van life experience.

Converting a van provides the unique opportunity to seek adventure and solace away from the hectic pace of contemporary life. It's an invitation to embrace the open road, with the convenience of having your personal abode on wheels, ready to venture wherever your heart desires.


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