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Carpet Lining

Carpet Lining 

Supplied colours are smoke, Slate and Anthracite, this are the standard finishes, but a huge range of other finishes are available. Standard headlining consists of new 10mm birch ply, 6 LED spotlights connected with inline fuse and switch, option of 2 courtesy lights when door is open, bespoke headlining designs and materials are available.

All new interior panels are created from a CNC machined birch ply to ensure superior quality and consistency of finish. Interior lining in standard carpet with all new birch ply panels. Includes bulkhead removal all new birch ply side panels and all rear doors, all carpet lined including metal work using high temperature adhesive. 

Insulation and Sound Deadening

Thermo Fleece

Thermo Fleece is a safe and effective way to insulate your van. The thermo fleece we use is made from 95% recycled plastic bottles. When fitted properly it will not absorb moisture and therefore mould will not be able to grow. This product delivers superb thermal insulation for your van.

Fire tested to BS 5803-4 (exceeds all vehicle specs)

Thermal Conductivity - 0.040W/mK

Water Absorption - (@100% RH): 0% w/w

Specific Heat Capacity - 1000 Jkg-1K-1

Vapour Resistivity - 5 MN·s·g–1m–1

Ignition Point - 500oC

Sound Deadening

Sound absorbing damping mats work by turning vibrations into thermal energy. We use only high end products as preparation is everything when building the foundation for your van. We use the appropriate cleaning products before applying the the sound deadening as this is essential for correct contact on a molecular level. 

Insulation and Sound Deadening


The flooring we use is 100% recyclable and is made from recycled material. It is an excellent safety flooring solution. It is very easy to Maintain. There is no need to seal or polish for the entire product life, extreme resistance to stain and chemicals (Betadine) this is due to SparClean treatment.

Permanent slip resistance. Dense concentration of deep inlaid mineral crystal particles, throughout the wear layer.

Enhanced colour, design and brightness: Due to the use of mineral crystal particles. Maximum hygiene and indoor air quality, bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment. 

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