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Campervan conversion

Servicing your Van

Keeping up with regular servicing keeps your van running smoothly and can prevent possible problems in the future.


Check with your manual to see when and what needs to be serviced. 


Please contact us for further information and pricing. 

MOT Checks you can do Yourself

Safety first, check all seat belts to make sure they clunk and click on every trip and release easily. Make sure there is no visible cuts or fraying and they pull back to position.

The passenger windscreen should have no more than 4 cm of damage to the screen and the driver’s side no more than 1 cm in circumference.

If the wipers clean your windscreen front and back you are good to go. Remember to fill the screen wash before you go, as this is an MOT item failure.

Checking that the number plate is clean and easy to read and fits within the legal requirements.

Go around the vehicle and check the lights and indicators are all working soundly. Get someone to check the brake lights when they're pressed.

A quick and easy way to check the depth of your tyres is the 20 pence check, this coin is a little wider than the 1.6 needed to pass a MOT. 

Give your horn a blast to test, this will need to be working.

When the car is cool top up with oil and make sure there is enough fuel for the emissions and MOT test.

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