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Campervan Fire Safety Tips

Fire Safety Tips

A campervan serves as a mobile home, equipped with numerous amenities and technological features. However, this also introduces various potential fire hazards. It is crucial to be aware of fire safety tips to prevent and respond to emergencies effectively.

While not legally mandated, fire extinguishers are considered a critical safety necessity for any caravan or motorhome, providing a vital means of protection against potential fires.

Fire extinguisher maintenance is crucial and should be conducted periodically according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Generally, the expected service life of extinguishers ranges from three to five years.

Position the fire extinguisher in a bracket near the door at a height of 1.5 metres, ensuring it is not placed too close to cooking appliances, as they are common sources of fires and could obstruct access to the extinguisher.

Fire-resistant upholstery is a critical safety feature in new touring caravans, which are required by law to use flame-retardant foam. Owners of older caravans or motorhomes are advised to upgrade their upholstery to fire-retardant materials to enhance safety.


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